Audition your way to stardom!

Acting auditions can be a nerve-wrecking thing for an artist but has to be done in order to get an assignment. It is important to be prepared for the part you are auditioning for and to have practised a few scenes from the script in order to give the audition with confidence. One has to patient enough to get an audition and then secondly, be patient enough for the results or call backs from the audition. To get an audition, one has to be in touch with an auditioning agency that could help them in getting the part.

There are a lot of acting agencies, which could get you an acting audition in Mumbai, the hub of the Bollywood industry. The key factors that these agencies look for are:

  • Your work experience in other projects
  • Level of confidence and preparedness for the audition
  • Display of own skills
  • Motivational level towards acting

The casting directors are the ones who find young and new talent and are the first point of contact to which an actor has to audition. The casting directors look for the following attributes in a performer:

  • They look for the level of naturalness that comes easily to the performer.
  • They look for personality charms and whether the performer has an entertaining and interesting personality.
  • They look for professionalism and discipline.
  • They look for multi-talented performers who can do more than just acting.
  • They look for education background and training in the particular art form.

An audition is a systematic process in which industry professionals select performers, which is in some ways analogous to a job interview in the regular job market. It is something that every performer has to go through in order to make a name for him in the industry.


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